I have created the “Amber Balcaen Racing Dirt Road Sponsorship Fund” as a way to give back to the local racing community and to stay true to my roots. I have always been very passionate about giving back to the racing community and helping others succeed. I know how difficult it is to find sponsorship for racing, as it is a very expensive sport. My objective is to help those who are kind, hard working people who are financing their race programs on their own.

I always said that when I “make it” I wanted to give back to the dirt track racing community. Well, I’m far from having “made it” but I realized it’s never too early to start helping people, even if it starts out in a small way. With that said I present the launch of my “Amber Balcaen Racing Dirt Road Sponsorship”.

More to come on this in 2022!

– Amber Balcaen

AB Dirt Road FINAL