Amber Balcaen: On the road to a dream

By Jeff Archer | [email protected]

Published 07/20 2016 11:23PM

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24-year-old race car driver Amber Balcaen has her eyes set on the future.

“The ultimate goal is NASCAR Cup on a Sunday,” says Balcaen.

Balcaen is making the transition from dirt track racing to pavement. The key to the transition is simply getting laps in.

“The more that I’m in the seat the better that I’m going to get,” Balcaen says. “So for me it’s just seat time and hopefully that turns into a lot of wins.”

Despite being a woman in a sport dominated by men Balcaen hasn’t had to fight too many battles on that front, at least not recently, thanks to a strong racing record.

“There’s been more barriers more so when I was younger. But I think once you can ropve yourself and prove that you are a winning driver like the other guy I think the respect starts to come a little more,” Balcaen says.

Winning certainly means a lot to the Winnepeg, Manitoba native. But Amber takes as much pride in her position as role model, especially for younger girls, as she does in finishing at the top of a race.

“Part of the reason I love racing so much is because it’s such a beautiful platform for me to be able to be an inspiration, a positive role model for younger girls. It’s something that I want to continue to grow, being able to be an inspiration for other women,” says Balcaen.

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