Dreamers Judgment

When it comes to going after a really big dream there is one thing you need to understand…

People will notice your losses just as much as they see your wins.

It’s the reason most people won’t even try to begin with. Because they are too afraid of others seeing them fail.

When you take “different” path…

People will judge you.

People will laugh at you.

People will think you are “crazy” or delusional.

But it is because they do not, and may not EVER, understand what it is like to believe in something bigger for yourself.

When I first started racing I was judged for being a girl. When I made the switch from dirt track racing to pavement I was judged for that. I still am and will continue to be judged and criticized for my decisions going forward.

But I will NOT let anyone else’s opinions or judgments dictate the decisions I make for myself.

These are my decisions.

This is my life.

These are my dreams.

This is my discipline for my passion.

Your dreams are YOURS.

So never let the opinions of others stop you from accomplishing what you set out to do.

And dont ever let the fear of failure, or judgment from others get in your way.

This life is yours.

If you wanna do big things then go do it.


By yours truly,

Amber Balcaen

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