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Make sure you are all following me on Periscope!! @amberbalcaen10

WHAT is Periscope?
Periscope is a live video streaming platform where you can comment/ask questions while your listening/watching me on live video.

WHY follow ME?

Think of it as a live video blog where you can ask me any question you want! Get to know me more personally outside of these few Facebook posts… Get to experience races / practices / road trips with me…

Starting this month I am going to be posting more frequent “scopes” to let you all get to know me on a more personal level. Yes I will periscope at racetracks with race cars and racing related things! But I also want to post some more personal stuff regarding my currents struggles and successes, and how they can MOTIVATE YOU to be better, and help you have a more positive outlook on your life and your goals.

So you if you don’t have periscope, make sure you download it and FOLLOW ME: @amberbalcaen10