Racing & Life

There are a lot of parallels between racing and life.
In racing, we are taught to look where you want to go (where you want the car to be placed).
Even though our hands are physically turning the wheel, it’s our vision that determines our direction.
We will steer towards whatever we focus our eyes on.
Wether we are focusing on the proper line on the track (the right focus) or are looking directly at the wall (the wrong focus), that’s exactly where we will end up.
It’s why it’s so important to have the proper focus as a racecar driver.
But also why it’s so important to have the proper focus in life.
You must have a clear mental image of the path (or line) you want to take before you get there.
What you focus on (good or bad) determines your direction, and the actions you will take.
Just like in racing, you move towards what you focus on.
So Make sure you are focusing on the right things.
Make sure your vision for life – your thoughts & things you focus on – is exactly what you want for your reality.
– Amber Balcaen

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