Yesterday we officially wrapped the first season of CMT’s  #RacingWives !

Never did I think racing would lead me to such a unique opportunity but it is one that I am extremely thankful for. I have had so much fun filming this show and getting to know the rest of the cast and crew. All of the girls are amazing and I really felt we put our stories and hearts out there for you all to see.

Now It’s obvious that I am not a wife of a NASCAR driver, and I’m sure I’ll get some backlash for being on this show. But what I am- is a girl who went after her dreams. I’m a Canadian female, trying to make it in an American male dominated sport. A dirt track racer trying to make it in the pavement world. If my role in this show is able to inspire just a few people, then it’s all worth it.

As most of you know I have struggled to find sponsorship to get me to my next level of my career. Every decision I make, I make with racing in mind. I am grateful to have this opportunity to share my story with others on a bigger platform and to create more exposure around the sport of NASCAR. When life presents you an opportunity, YOU TAKE IT!

I appreciate all of you who have supported me throughout everything!

Im excited for this new chapter in my life and I hope you are all excited too!!

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