WHAT MOTIVATES YOU? – By Amber Balcaen

What motivates ME?

1) My need for SPEED and competitiveness, my love for adrenaline, my passion for the sport of racing, and the addiction of being in a race car – having my hands behind a wheel with pedals under my feet.

2) The DESIRE to be SUCCESSFUL for not only myself, but others as well. To life the life I dream of. The feeling of accomplishment when completing the goals that I have set out to reach while helping other’s reach their goals as well.

3) My FANS motivate me, I need to show them that it IS possible to do whatever you put your mind to and it IS possible to be whoever you want to be as long as you are willing to put in the work and do the work.

4) The need to be a POSITIVE role model and influencer, to be a MOTIVATOR and to help others reach their full potential.

So why the big dream of NASCAR? NASCAR is the perfect platform for me to be able to achieve all of these things… and theses are the things that motivate me to reach MY full potential.