Choose the hard lane – by AB

When you have a choice to make on which lane to choose, choose the hard one.
Ive always put myself in challenging positions – and liked figuring out ways how to make them work.
Sometimes I’ve been successful at it. Other times I haven’t been.
Both times I still got something out of it.
But lately I realized the REAL reason why I like doing things that are truly challenging.
When you do something really hard… and then are able achieve that really difficult thing… you feel INCREDIBLE.
A happiness like no other. Not the beer in my hand type of happiness, but the type of happiness you can be PROUD of.
All the struggles, hard work, disappointments, lessons, the blood, sweat and tears, the embarrassment, the failure after failure…. though all of that… once you finally accomplished that really hard thing…. You feel Incredible!
You get to experience a level of happiness and excitement that is like no other.
Becuase not only did you overcome something extremely challenging… But you become a better person in doing it.
How do I know this?
Because, I just experienced it.
I did a really hard thing. And accomplished it. And I know how much growth and confidence I’ve gained by going through the process. And it feels really friken good.
And guess what, Im going to keep doing that.
Over and over.
– Amber Balcaen

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