NASCAR: One-on-One with Amber Balcaen

NASCAR: One-On-One with Amber Balcaen

by Brian Thornsburg

 What would you do to follow your dreams?

For Amber Balcaen, the answer was to move from Manitoba Canada to Charlotte North Carolina and pursue her dreams of racing in The Cup Series.  She might have a long way to go before we see her racing alongside Kyle Busch and Chase Elliot, but she has proven that she has the potential to do just that. Not only i she the first woman ever to win a dirt track championship in Manitoba Canada, she also takes time to help mentor the next generation of NASCAR stars.

With that being said, Balcaen recently sat down for an interview with Beyond The Flag and disliked the future of NASCAR racing, being the granddaughter of short track legend, Lou Kennedy and what it is like being a female driver in a male dominated sport.

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