Thursday Thoughts 11/19/2020

Imagine if we were all the same…
Same personally. Looks. Beliefs. Intelligence. Everything.
Imagine if we were all identical.
Sounds pretty boring.
Not only boring but how would we evolve, create, invent, see things from different perspectives if we all thought the same?
It seems society wants to put a larger wedge in between those who are different form each-other.
But what if we leaned in to our differences instead of leaning away?
What if instead of looking down upon people who are different than us, we look to understand a different perspective, and learn from them.
Remember in school when there was a group project, everyone in your group was involved and because everyone brought something unique to the table, it taught us how to use our different ideas to work together.
Shouldn’t as adults, we be able to do the same?
I hate the divide I am seeing. The negative comments…
Next time you see someone doing or thinking or posting something “different than you would” instead of getting offended and lashing out/ commenting something negative, seek to understand the simple fact that we are all different for a reason. And then move on.
Differences are what makes the world go round. They are what helps us evolve as a whole. And truly we are all more alike than we are different anyways.
We don’t need to agree on everything.
But let’s aim for:
More acceptance
More understanding
Less judgment
– Amber Balcaen

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