Amber Balcaen, new Brand Ambassador for SB3 Coatings

Meet SB3 Coating International INC’s New Brand Ambassador Amber Balcaen SB3 Coating International INC is one of the leading companies for ceramic coatings. Their famous nano-ceramic coatings always leaves a professional finish on every vehicle. The glass-like coating attaches itself to the vehicle’s paint and creates a layer that offers long term protection. This company […]

Amber Balcaen Lands New Sponsor for KBM Race

Extremely excited to share with you all my brand new sponsor, Tavia!  Tavia is all about empowering women and helping girls reach their full potential. With Tavia every purchase has a purpose. Their focus is to keep girls in school and employ women.The reason I am so excited & passionate about this partnership is because Tavia’s […]